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The Little Seed that Could by Rebecca Marko

Updated: May 18, 2018

This was posted from an e-mail to Matushka Martha, by Beck Marko. Quite a story to begin a blog!

"So, back in late September/early October, I noticed a little marigold seed embedded in the carpet at our church in front of my usual seat. I figured that it probably was stuck to my shoe at some point because I had several marigold flowers that had gone to seed in my backyard. Well, I was going to pick it up after service and throw it away but, me being... well, Me, got distracted and totally forgot to pick it up. There were many times that I would notice the seed and think about picking it up and tossing it but I always forgot after service. Our church's carpets had been vacuumed many times and steam cleaned. This seed got walked all over for months. It was not until after service in March that I finally remembered to pick up the seed. I showed my Priest's wife and a few other ladies at church the seed and said that instead of throwing it away, I was going to plant it. The seed was bent and had a small crack in it but figured that it had been sitting in our church for so long that it deserved to be planted. So, I put the "little seed that could" into my wallet to bring home. The next day, I planted it and put the pot into our sunny window. The 3rd day after I planted it, I went to water it and there was a tiny little sprout! I could not believe the seed was still viable and I was shocked at how fast it sprouted.

Our whole church converted from Anglican to Russian Orthodox outside of Russia together. We spent months preparing for it. On April 21st, we were Christmated into the Orthodox Church. The morning of the 21st, I noticed what looked to be the start of a tiny flower bud, however, I really doubted it because it was still so young and tiny. I took this picture of the marigold just to show the ladies at church how our little seed was doing, however, me being, well.....me, totally forgot to show them.

After a few days, it was evident that it was a little marigold flower bud! The last few weeks has been an emotional roller coaster with a lot of big drops. When we got home from church Wednesday morning, I was emotionally drained. I really just wanted to lay down but decided that I should probably water my house plants. I pulled back the curtain to my window where I keep the little marigold. It had been three days since I had watered it and to my surprise, I was welcomed by this "star" of red and orange. It made me so happy and excited to see! I decided to go back onto my phone and look at the pictures that I had taken of this "little seed that could". It was a special reminder to me that no matter how busted up and rough things can get, don't give up and plant that seed and watch it grow and blossom. This little seed has brought so much joy to me the last few months. So, I wanted to share the story about how a little seed could be so special to me. Now that our little seed has bloomed, we have thought of a very special place for our little flower.

Today was the day that I have been looking forward to. The day that I would bring our little Marigold "home" to where I found it as a seed. We got up and ready for church. I got the little Marigold from the window and brought it along. I placed it on the floor during service. I had to take a picture because it was almost surreal seeing this beautiful flower in the same place that it had sat for months as a seed. After church was over, I gave the Marigold to our church's Matushka ("mama" in Russian), which is our Priest's wife, for a mothers day gift. All of the ladies that saw it as a tiny little seed on the day that I finally picked it up were so excited to see what it had grown into. Today has been a hard day for me because it is the first mothers day since my mom died, however, being able to share the story of this beautiful and healthy marigold plant that started out as a little seed that had been walked over, forgotten about, and wounded, has helped remind me that even the hardest times can turn into something beautiful."